We are dedicated to improving patient flow and experience in the healthcare continuum.

Our Story

Healthcare is evolving fast. The spotlight on Value-Based Care, Population Health and Patient Experience isn’t just changing the way clinicians treat their patients - it’s changing the way every company in the extended healthcare ecosystem conducts business. For the past 13 years, Royal has been focused on building & improving healthcare transportation solutions through LEAN process improvement, data-driven decision-making and a steadfast focus on amazing experiences; for patients, partners, providers, and our employees.

While we have become much more than an ambulance company, our core focus of creating an exceptional human experience has not changed - and no technological innovation will ever render a caring human touch irrelevant. By working hand-in-hand with technology platforms, partner-providers and care continuum stakeholders, we differentiate ourselves not just with great service - and not just with great technology - but at the intersection of the two - that optimal place where Royal Care Connects.


Our People

Steve Grau

Founder & CEO

Hasieb Lemar


Eve Garu

VP of Human Resources

Kim Petty

Chief Customer Officer

Erik Krieger

VP of Billing and Administration

Trevor Hardee

Senior Director of Customer Success & Patient Experience

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